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Convention Photos

  • April showers bring May flowers. . . or in this case some wicked Poison Ivy! Hopefully the new owner doesn't get a rash from this incredible sketchbook commission!

  • Sweet aftermarket color!! Contact Steven to jazz up your MM1 cards!

  • Sneak Preview Star Wars Galaxy 6!

  • The Force is strong in this one . . .

    Star Wars Galaxy 5. . . Collect all 30!

  • Steven swings into Spider-Man Archives. . .

  • Collect them, you will!!
  • Steven's Star Wars Clone Wars widevision sketches are online now!

  • The Wonder Woman below along with nearly 100 other pieces of art will go up for auctions starting October 12 on eBay. Check out seller marlabeabenefit and buy great art for a great cause!

  • Great art for a great cause! Steven has just finished up work on a spectacular Wonder Woman sketch that will be auctioned for by the Marla Bea Benefit auction with all proceeds going to the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Auction and charity information can be found

    As beautiful as Wonder Woman is, the original is much brighter and more vibrant, especially the fluorescent pink ribbon.

  • Steven recently appeared at Captain Chucks Comics annual HooYaaa -- It was his 20th year in buisness. Check out some pics, and when your done go out and buy some cards at the local shop -- give 'em your support!!
  • Hack and slash some packs of Dexter and you might find Steven's handiwork! Check out the spoils that wait:
  • Certified box office smash X-Men Origins: Wolverine is here!
  • Rorschach!

  • Black Pine Bonsai!

  • Venom!

  • Steven's first foray into published trading cards, and she's a beauty! Check out the original art as well as the finished product -- look for it coming soon from Breygent.

  • 21 -- that's the bad news -- Steven was only able to do 21 Marvel Masterpieces III sketches. The good news. . . well take a look at the scans.
  • Steven supersizes his sketch card work for Benwarmers Signature Series 2008 -- sketch cards never looked so good!.
  • Steven rocks Heroes Season 2.
  • Finally! Women of Marvel Unveiled.
  • Steven's work graces Marvel Masterpieces II! Check it out!
  • More Precious!!! --- Lord of the Rings Masterpieces II sketches posted.
  • The first of Steven's aftermarket Marvel Masterpieces are done! If you have an original Miller Masterpiece you'd like colored contact Steven for rates and availability.

  • DC Legacy scans are here!
  • All 100 of Steven's Marvel Masterpieces sketch cards are online!