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Frankenstein Sketch Cards

Mike Simon from Artbox approached my table at Frank Reighterís Philly Non-Sport card show. He had seen my work and was interested in having me work on some Artbox products starting with Frankenstein, with the potential to work on other Universal Monsters like Wolfman, Dracula and the Mummy down the road.

It was important that Simon knew I was serious about my craft so I came to the show the next day with two color Frankenstein sketches in tow. He liked what he saw, and I ended up creating 10 more samples (all of which appear in the Celestial Dreams Sketch Card gallery).

While working on the set I wanted to do something different to set my cards apart. Even though artists were limited to drawing pre-approved images, I was still able to do some creative things like adding metallic accents on the bolts and staples to a few of the cards, and glow-in-the-dark ink on a few of the cards. I started working with pencil on this series, but after a few sketches I found the paper was better suited to Sumi ink so the rest of my cards are inked.

The three colored sketches you see on this page were done for Mike Simonís personal collection. Enjoy!