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Star Trek: The Original Series
Art and Images

Rittenhouse contacted me and asked if I was interested in doing work for an Art and Images set featuring the first season of Star Trek the Original Series. Having watched all of these episodes when I was a kid I jumped at the chance, plus I figured they must have liked my work enough to contact me again after Art and Images of Xena.

I started with about 30 drawings of cast and crew, plus a few shots of the Enterprise, a Phasor, a Communicator, and a Tricorder. After seeing my work Rittenhouse's Robert Kohlbus informed me they were trying to avoid going through actor likeness approval with Paramount, so they were looking for sketch cards depicting scenes from each episode. With that in mind I submitted another 30 drawings. City on the Edge of Forever, The Arena, and Tommorow is Yesterday were picked from my second set of submissions. I was also given the honor of doing the case topper cards. For those they chose the Phasor, Communicator, and Tricorder from my first batch of submissions. It's amazing to me that these case topper cards sell for the same amount of money as the regular sketchafex cards. I am very happy to have been included in this set, even though I wanted to do more in the way of cast portraits, but we will see what happens in the future. I can't wait for Series 2 to come out!