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X-Men: The Last Stand Sketchafex

When Rittenhouse asked for X-men 3: The Last Stand movie sketch submissions I drove my self crazy trying to find images from the new movie. I spent hours searching Yahoo and Google trying to find good pics of the actors putting the X-Men suit, or the Juggernaut helmet on Vinnie Jones. Due to lack of reference material I actually ended up putting Psylocke in an X-Men type suit not knowing she was going to be on the Brotherhoods side!

Ultimately 90 submissions were sent in for this project A. because it was X-Men and that was finally a comic book type gig, and B. I wanted to draw Wolverine, and Mystique. The actors themselves approved nine of my submissions, so thank you Rebecca, James, Sean, and Dania for allowing me to capture your likeness on a sketch card. My samples were submitted in February, but I didn't get approval till the end of April.

The deadline for this job was set for May 25th, the day the movie came out, but that first weekend I was set up at the Pittsburgh Comicon, and didn't start drawing the cards till I got home that Monday. Due to the tight deadline I was only able to sketch 5 of the 9 approved images in 17 days time for a total of 250 cards. I wish I could have done the others but time did not permit it. The other four elite artists on the project also felt the time crunch. I believe this set had one of the lowest sketch card insertion ratios.

The Mystique 02 card shown here is an uncut card that RA let me keep since I was going to hold it for ransom as I think it was the best card I did and I was willing to put down hard earned money for it. I actually live about an hour away from Rittenhouse headquarters so I delivered this project in person.