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Xena Sketchafex

My first professional job was for Rittenhouse Archives: The Art and Images of Xena: Warrior Princess. Vice President Robert Kohlbus approached me at the Pittsburgh Comicon and asked me if I was interested in working on the project after seeing one of my Wonder Woman portraits with Lynda Carters likeness. I spoke with my friend Monte Moore who had worked for RA in the past, and I agreed to do submissions for the project.

Thirty-three sketched images of the major characters were submitted and nine were approved. The approved sketches included two Xena sketches, a Gabrielle, an Aphrodite, Xena's horse Argo, a Centaur, and three Chakrams. Twenty numbered 'Xena Blue Eyes' sketches were drawn in landscape format, and a handful of the Chakram are colored. When possible I try to make a subset of my sketch cards stand out from the rest. With these cards I like to color in the iris of an eye especially if it's blue. Half of the cards have blue eyes. After all these years am still looking for a landscape Xena2 card for my personal collection - if possible I would love to find #7. It took me a year and a half to hunt down a centaur sketch card on eBay! Yes, artists do have to buy our own cards back. The cards on this page are from my personal collection, Enjoy. Steven